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dvd player freezes system, graphics issue on 10.5.5


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i just installed 10.5.5 on a vanilla kernel, previously i had NVINJECT on my hp dv9335nr laptop with a 256 mb geforce 7600 go card


now, when i try to play a dvd the screen's video gets all pixelated and i need to quit out. vlc works fine.


is there a new driver i can install for my video card that's not nvkush? i used nvkush cause QE/CI was killed after the update.

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Same problem here.


I have a GeForce Go 7900 GS 512 MB

Running 10.5.5 from Retail DVD

Using NVinject 0.2.2 with IOProbeScore changed to 0

I have my device id in Geforce.kext, NVDANV40Hal.kext, NVDAResman.kext and NVinject.kext

Chameleon EFI Bootloader




in 10.5.4 DVD player worked perfectly


Now in 10.5.5, I still have QE/CI, XBench score is higher, but DVD Player freezes and is pixelated with many weird color artefacts.


If I put back the 10.5.4 NVidia kexts and the 10.5.4 OpenGL.framework, DVD Player works perfectly again. It seems to be something with the 10.5.5 NVidia kexts and OpenGL.framework.

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I found out what's the issue with DVD Player:



Start DVD Player WITHOUT a DVD inserted in DVD ROM, go to the display menu and


either deaktivate DEINTERLACING


or set it to "better quality" only.



Now you can insert and watch a DVD without problems.


Next time you may start it with DVD inserted, DVD Player saved this option :D

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