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Gateway Laptop will not boot on Battery


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I have a gateway notebook running Kalyway 10.5.2, i was able to get most if not all drivers working by doing some searching on the forums and making the appropriate changes. My final and last issues currenlty with this notebook is the battery.


If i have the battery in the notebook with NO power plugged in it will boot to the Gray apple screen then i get the Stop Error that says to resrart the computer. If i boot with the Power connected with or without the battery in the notebook it boots fine. And once in OSX i can then remove the power and work directly off the battery with no issues.


Through searching i have found some posts about Dell laptops and they had recomendations on Bios changes. they said to change the Startup Type to "Thorough". and that seemed to work.


In the Bios on my Gateway notebook it does not have any options of the sort or anthing that looks even remotly similar.


any help you could be great.



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