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How to boot apple raid volume?


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I had 2*320GB HDDs and was using them just as they are (300-Leopard/300-Data)

I found that allocating 300 to OS partition was just wasting, so I decided to hook them up by setting RAID0.

My MOBO supports ICH8R but I was told that leopards can't recognise this raid controller and

I hook those HDDs up using apple-soft-raid-utility(you know, the thing in the installation disc!)

Used option was not RAID0 but connect-hdd-blahblah thing since I knew I couldn't guarantee its safeness.

(well I don't know if this option doesn't do so.. :( )


Yeah and I'm here with OSX installed on first RAID volume which is 100GB (50+50),

and how do I boot this volume?.. I thought as soon as I boot the main hdd everything's done but it wasn't.

I boot up the main HDD, which has one of slices of the RAID Volume where OSX is installed on, by choosing it from

bios booting devide selector but it just prompted _ .

How do I boot this? :)




If someone could clarify this please let me know. I made two RAID Volumes to operate 100/500 RAID Volumes independently

as I couldn't find partition menu from a raid volume. So consequently I have two Raid Volumes, 100GB and 500GB.

Is it right method?

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