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AMD, Asus A8N-SLI Premium ... no sound

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Hi there, i recently installed zephyroth's AMD 10.5.2 mac. All works fine, except sound. I have the onboard AC97 connection enabled from the bios (which is updated). I also have a creatve sb audigy 2 card .... but read somewhere that its useless for this thing. I installed the kexts from the dvd , and i have AC97 written in the Output dialouge box in the mac ... but no sound :(


Please help because this is the only thing that is not working. 10x in advance.



I have the Creative's GigaWorks™ ProGamer G500 speakers .. if really makes a difference.

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did you set sound in the bois to ac97


a bit more info


is your bios up to date?


google can realy be amasing found these links on the first page

here a othere guide



and if all else fails and still have sound trouble there is a sticky at the tutorials genius bar!


google again for you other sound card


beta drivers!

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