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Sony Vaio CR290 - X3100 issues


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So I've been trying to get this working beyond 1024x768 no QE/CI. If I install the X3100 kexts that come with Leo4All, all I get on boot is a weird greyish/whitish pixelated screen as the system freezes. I've tried others off this forum where I have nothing but a blue screen with no cursor on the laptop display, and nothing at all on the external display if I connect one of my desktop LCD's (isn't even outputing a signal). System doesn't seem to be frozen at this point like the other issue.


Is there anyone who can give some more thorough instructions on how to get this working? I'm just getting into OSX, so my experience is lacking. I've searched all over and found lots of info, but it's all scattered and hard to understand for a semi-newbie.


Laptop specs:

Sony Vaio VGN-CR290

Intel C2D T2330

1 GB DDR2-667

80 GB Toshiba HDD

Intel GMA965 - X3100

Device ID: 0x2a02

Vender ID: 8086

Revision: 0C


Installing on an external USB drive (40 GB Seagate). Installs, boots, and runs fine, minus the X3100 issues.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


edit: and I posted in the wrong forum. Sorry about that. Too many tabs open :rolleyes:

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