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500GB USB Drive causes Leopard to crash


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after searching for a while for a suitable solution I decided to write here hoping that someone else had a similar problem.


I am running 10.5 Kalaway on a Gigayte Dq6 with 2 GB Ram on an old 40GB IDE drive with NTFS support for reading writing and acess to the other 250GB Drive (SATA over AHCI) which I have build in. Wireless Lan with the Alfa USB adapter (8187RT Chipset).


No Hardware issues at all and a very stable system!


My problem occured some days ago. I started my mac system and ssuddenly it crashed. I restarted - it crashed again. -v boot showed no other problems...


again a crash


booting from the installation DVD and running DiskUtility did not gave me any options to repair my IDE drive because I was thinking that I had some kind of issue there (maybe a bad sector or something like that).


So I decided to reinstall everything...


After the installation I recognized, that only one of the 2 partitions (NTFS 40 GB) was recognized by the system after startup. The other one (NTFS 460GB) could not be mounted at all. I thought it was a kind of no NTFS read/write support bug and installed Paragons NTFS drivers for Mac which are working like a charm btw.


I rebooted and both partitions appeared and afterwards my fresh system crashed again...


I tested if the USB HD was the main problem and unpluged it and no more crashes appeard. So I decided to backup my data and format the 460GB partition in XP to NTFS again and performed a scan to without any kind of results that could give me a clue that the disk is damaged.


But now even with the formated NTFS partition the System keeps crashing.


I think I will format the entire Drive and reset the partition table hoping that this will solve the problem.


But my question is: Did anyone had similar problems with external drives?

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