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Help Mac noob with driver installation


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Ok so i am having some problems whit my OSx86.


So my problem is that I cant boot in to graphical mode, only single user mode works. I think that this is caused by graphics card. I am totally new to mac never used it before, I also want to know that will sound & network work.


My PC hardware:

CPU: AMD Sempron +3400

Motherboard: Abit AX78

Sound: Intergraded

Graphics card: ATI HD2400 PRO ("Asus EAH 2400 PRO")

Network: Buffalo WLI2-PCI-G54S-3 also have D-Link DWL-G122


Rest should not matter, if you want more info tell. I would like to get good step to step instructions how to install drivers, if needed and also download links to files needed if any.

Where should I store downloaded files if any, will my ntfs Windows partition do? I have used lots of linux so comand line is not new to me. :)

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