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Trying to get to 10.5.4


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I have been running 10.5.2 Kalyway. My goal is to get to a 10.5.3 or higher install vanilla as possible. I have been reading the sticky guides posted above, and find it all a little confusing still, so let me try to summarize what it seems to be doing:


1) Installing Kalyway on a secondary partition so that you have a working OS from which you will be able to access the vanilla installs' partition and make changes to get it going


2) Working from the kalyway install, set up an EFI emulator to run when the primary partition boots


3) install vanilla Leopard on the primary partition


4) modify EFI and .kext hardware strings from the kalyway partition (so that they are not loaded and can be written) to support my hardware


So, first off, am I way off here or is this a basic summary of the process?


Secondly, I am wondering, if I am running MacDrive on my Windows XP partition (i.e. I can read and write all HFS+ drives from WinXP), can I skip the kalyway install, and make the necessary hackery from within XP?

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