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Pre installation query & questions (?)


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I want to install Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2 on a separate Ide HDD of 40gb. Its right now a raw, unformatted partition. I researched that a partition should be Fat32 before installing OS x86. I've XP on separate 250gb sata HDD and its all partitions are Ntfs. So when I try to format 40gb IDE from Windows, it does not show me Fat32 option ;) . Its only Ntfs there. So my question is-


Do I really need to format that drive using Fat32? or Ntfs will work?


If not, how do I make it FAT32?


***More queries-


Can I access Windows partition from Mac Os x86 ?

For example- if I want to install some software in OS x86 , then can I save it on Windows partition??


Thanks in advance... :)


Waiting for reply...

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