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How to add/remove without installing all again?


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I installed it.


but I saw interesting software in the costomising menu. Is there any way to install stuff from the Kalyway DVD without having to install all again?


Other thing: do you know where to find drivers for ATI x2500?


Sorry for my poor english.


Greetings from Azores.

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Hello again.


I downloaded drivers for ati x1000 and installed the kexts (or I think I did (I'm a newby at mac))


Could you help me anderstand what to do with kexts?


What is vanilla? How do we change kernel after install? (is this even possible?)


So many questions...


Can you help me?


P.S. The Ati works. But its stuck at 1024 x 768, milions. And the mouse arrow sometimes makes a strange shadow.


Sorry for strange english...

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