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BadAxe2 + 8600GTS + 10.5.?


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So I am totally new to all of this so if this has been already covered sorry in advance.


I have read way to many guides and download tons of torrents but I still don't understand the right way to go about this. I seem to keep finding old info.


After reading a bit about what I should buy I went down to the local computer store and picked up stuff that was on the HAL for 10.5.2


BOXD975XBX2KR (Intel BadAxe2)

BFG NVidia 8600GTS 512MB

CPU:Q6700 4x2.6Ghz 1066Mhz FSB

8GB of DDR2 800Mhz RAM

500GB Seagate SATA

I have both a SATA and IDE Burner, oddly only the IDE will boot Kalaway 10.5.2

So I could really use some advice.


I can't return these parts so I am stuck with them.


I used Kalaway 10.5.2 to load the OS (BTW I do own a retail copy). I also used the customize button to add NVidia support, fix the sleep problem, fix for time machine and changed it to the vanilla kernal.


So that worked. Video even does Quarts Extreme to both monitors.


However, I don't have any sound support from the onboard audio card. So reading I think the only option is a USB Audio card? Is that really the case? If so what should I buy?


Also what do I do about major software updates? I just noticed 10.5.5 came out, really would like to be able to install updates direct from apple if I can (just in case the family does an update by mistake.) I noticed when doing an update to 10.5.3 it destroyed my OS and I had to reload.


I don't care about reinstalling since I haven't started using the system yet.


With my hardware, what is the best way? I heard about Boot123 and Leo4OSX (or something like that) and on and on. Most important is a stable system that apple wont destroy with an update (if that's possible.)


So sorry for the long post, please that stuff is awesome can't want to get it running.

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