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Making VIA NIC (onboard) work automatically on boot?


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OK, so I got my onboard LAN running with the instructions from this thread, but like that guy I have to enter my password every time I boot to have internet connectivity. I am brand new to mac at all (I work on PCs) but I want to learn it so I can work on them as well someday when the need arises.


This is what he did just so you don't have to follow the link....


well, first you have to download this patch



then you extract it and you'll have a new directory called Release.

in it you find a ViaRhine.kext directory and a loader


if you just copy the .kext file in /System/Librarys/Extensions/ and load it with "sudo kextload /System/Librarys/Extensions/ViaRhine.kext", you will notice that there is a new ethernet port, but that the cable is UNPLUGGED


otherwise, if you copy the loader and the .kext in your home directory and then you simply run the loader double-clicking on it (it asks for password obviously), then the cable will be PLUGGED :o


i made this an automatic operation (System preferences>account>login items>add item>loader) butt it still asks me the password every time i reboot the pc because it executes it like normal user and not like root.... and this remains a problem..


please post if you solve your problem too, or you do not


p.s. i'm not writing from mac now, so do not copy/paste what i wrote... :D


So is there any way to make it possible so that I don't need to use a password every time to get online?

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