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JAS 10.5.4 Vmware Install to Native Asus P5KC


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JAS 10.5.4 Install From VMWARE


Asus P5KC




Sata Hard Drive



ATI Sapphire GDDR 3 512MB with QE/CI

Realtek ALC 883

Sitecom WL172 USB Dongle

Intel Q6600 all 4 cores working


So i've managed to get it up and running in-spite of the Jmicron controller by doing a install from vm-ware. 

I will be writing much of this from memory, so its just a rough guide.


I used the latest version of vm-ware (the beta you can download for free)

Then using the configuration file provided by Donk

available here 



I changed the guest os="other-64"

Removed the existing vm-ware hard drive.

Then i added a physical hard dive (had a whole spare drive to use) in Vm-ware and lowered the memory to 980mb.

Point the cd drive to the Jas 10.5.4.ISO and make sure to tick run at start up or something like that.


Started up the virtual machine then quickly pressed any key to start the install.

Go through install as usual selected patches in my case:

Kernel: Intel SSE 2 SSE3

Chipset: Intel

Device Identification: IHC8 IHC 9 Controller and Jmicron Controller


Selecting audio and graphic patches caused an error and install could not be competed.


When install finishes click restart and wait for it to finish then when back to the bios load screen press "ESC" to boot from device. Select the hard drive. Press any key to boot in to the OS. 

Install keyboard and mouse and complete forms. (can be awkward as you can only seem to use either the mouse or keyboard in vm-ware host not both) Not doing this part will result in leopard hanging at grey apple screen.


After completed stop the virtual machine reboot your computer and press "F8" to boot from device and select the appropriate hard drive. Press any key to enter boot instructions, boot with "-X". If all has gone ok you should now be able to boot in to leopard.

Install your appropriate graphics card patch and you should be able to start leopard with out -x after.

Then add any other patches off the disc.


Patches i used were 

HD 3650 from


Thanks to Last Exile this got QE/CI working!!

ALC883 used of the CD!

Sitecom USB from Sitecom's main site using the Tiger Driver Provided by Ralink.


I hope this helps anyone or gives you an idea, this is how i managed to get it to work after a few well .... maybe 10/15 tries =p. 


Sorry for poor spelling and punctuation.

May get around to re writing in more detail later.


Thanks to JAS, Donk, and Last Exile. 



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