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I need to buy a notebook, please suggest!

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Hi guys


I am looking to buy a notebook on which I would be able to run Leopard comfortably with Vanilla kernel. I need an economical solution. I was about to buy a MacBook, but the configuration is not very impressive. I have bought a license for Leopard.


The brands that we have in India are Dell, HP/Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba. I am looking for something in HP/Compaq or Dell because all others have just terrible service!


Is there anyone out there running Leopard comfortably on an Inspiron 1525, or any of the Studio series? I have a very small budget of 50,000 INR (about $1200 US).


Please help me out.



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From what I gether here, most notebooks would work. Intel is easier to configure, I would stick with Intel chip sets.


The issues are Intel wireless, no driver for it yet. Some have sound issues depends on the sound chip set, some with video issues depends on the video card used.


I installed the hackintosh in my Intel notebook and found all this issues. I decided to install in a desktop instead.


You just have to do your home work here and decide with one you going to buy.


Good luck with your purchase.

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