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dv6645us + Leo4All HELP


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CPU: AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-58 1.9G


Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7150M/shared memory 1280 x 800

nforce 560 SATA

Conexant Audio


First and foremost my laptop's internal DVD-RW isn't working right. For some strange reason it only likes to read cd-rom. So I went ahead and installed a copy of 10.5.2 rev 1 onto an external HDD (using another machine). After that I successfully booted it from the machine it was designed for (dv6000 AMD). The only hitch is I can't boot it without using the -x command.

Also, I could clone the image of this install to my internal partition of the laptop but osx won't recognize or mount my internal disk. I've been working at this for about a week now and don't understand how to solve my problem.


(On the X.5.2 installer Rev 1..)


Formated External, "Leopard AMD" to just "Mac OS Extended"

ToH kernel 9.2.0

NVinject GO

nForce 2/3/4/5


broadcom wifi

Azalia Audio



My wifi is working great even with -x, but I can't adjust my display settings or even boot normally for that matter.


In other words my main objective is to successfully mount my internal disk within Leopard so I can clone it. The partition is already listed in grub and boots EFI.


Any help on getting my internal SATA controller working would be much appreciated. And why will Leo only run under safe mode? Least importantly info on getting sound working too. But once this is completed and ready I'll be sure to add it to the HCL.


It's pretty sure that the isos you've used had old MeDevil Nforce chipset driver (Nforce4 or lower).

So, installation didn't see SATA drives.

Newer isos have MeDevil NForce5 driver, so they are useful.


You need to get:




Zephyroth Leopard_AMD_EFI_r2


I don't know if this is the case, because in the installer lists nforce (2-5). Maybe there is a way to download and add the new MeDevil after installing? In the meantime I'll keep experimenting with OSX86Tools and kernel flags. :\

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Thanks for the reply! I actually have that topic bookmarked, and some of your .zips on a pen drive.


I was getting iDeneb 1....

but I decided I would rather go with Leo4all 4.1 because of the power managment, kernel, and chipsets. Following your tutorial made me decide I'd prob rather go with Leo4All 4.1. As these laptops are alike.


EDIT* For those having problems cloning because osx86 wont mount your ntfs/internal drive...

all you need to do is install the nForce TEST+VIA SATA drivers in Leo4All 4.1. It will then mount your internal drive for safe clone booting.

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Right now I'm cloning the Leo4All install from my external hdd to my internal hdd using Acronis True Image. Hopefully it will boot just as nicely as from the source of the clone...


EDIT: Sound fixed with link below

Topic related to my graphics issue. (Go 7150m) There needs to be some kind of workaround for this!


Sound/MCP67/nForce works great with boot flags "idlehalt=0 cpus=2"



(still trying to make a good clone, last clone didn't have MCP67 fix above and kept having bufferunderrun)

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