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Problem on my tx2000 dualboot


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Sorry to bother you all , I have been up for a few nights looking through posts on here and google on my problem with install . I have made a dual boot Vista and osx ( leo4all ) on one disk , installed vista first - set the hard drive up and such - osx installed after a few tries - downloaded easyBCD and set that up fine ... Menu comes up fine on boot , I choose Mac as the boot and it starts going through the usual boot sequence.


After about 10 min it seems to hang on the string that i have posted in the picture . I have been tried googling and searching on here but i honestly am new and trying to figure out the best way to describe this to look it up


Sorry if this is easly found on the board but I honestly couldn't find anything and couldn't figure a good way to describe it searchwise


Any help would be appriciated , I really would love to get this working ... would help me workwise big time also


Thanks again



(sorry for the blur on the pic , It was taken with ym curve which i was surprised at the quality but its prob the screen being diffferent cause touchscreen)

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