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Komplete 5 installer error


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Hey guys. tryin to install Komplete 5 here and i'm getting this a problem. When i run the installer this pops up ( Can't set <<class cfol>> "hackintosh:private:tmp:" of application "Finder"to <<class cfol>> "hackintosh:private:tmp:" of application "Finder"). Its 2 buttons displaying "Edit" and "ok". if i hit ok the installer closes, if i hit edit it takes me to a script editor. This is what it displays:


set installerFile to "Komplete 5.app"


set sourcePath to ((path to me) as string) & "Contents:Installer:"


set tmpDirPosix to ("/tmp")

set tmpDirHFS to ((POSIX file tmpDirPosix) as string) & ":"


set srcFile to sourcePath & installerFile

set dstFile to tmpDirHFS & installerFile


-- display dialog "srcFile: " & srcFile & " tmpDirHFS: " & tmpDirHFS & " dstFile: " & dstFile


with timeout of 7200 seconds

tell application "Finder"

duplicate file srcFile to folder tmpDirHFS with replacing

open application file dstFile

end tell

end timeout




The options i'm given are: "record, stop, run, complie". complie doesn't do anything so i hit run and get: Finder got an error: Can’t set folder "hackintosh:private:tmp:" to folder "hackintosh:private:tmp:".


anyone know a fix around this?



Ok guys looks like i just fixed it. In the script where it says "set tmpDirPosix to ("/tmp")" i change it to set "tmpDirPosix to ("/User/joe/a")


I just made a folder called a in my user folder and it seemed to like it.

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