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Dell Inspirion 6400


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Hi everyone,


I have recently come to the end of my tether with vista, and would like a mac, alot! But as i do not have the funds, i heard my friend talking about the OSX 86 project, and had a look, and now have a pretty good idea of how to install etc.. I am normally pretty techy compared to just about everyone i know, and i usually just click with computers, apart from stupid vista.


I am looking to do a clean install of leopard on my laptop, and i know of kalyway and iaktos, from what i can see they both support different things, like graphics, audio etc... Are there any other versions, if so can you please recommend the best one for my setup below! I also hope to get the latest update of leopard version etc...



Inspirion 6400, Dell

G: ATI Radeon x1300 mobility

R: 1gb (might upgrade if benefical to using os x!)

HDD: 120GB Serial ATA

P: Core 2 Duo T5200 @ 1.6ghz 2mb cache, 533mhz FSB

ETNET: Broadcom 440x

Wireless: Intel pro/wireless 3945abg

Sound: it says SIGMATEL hih definition audio codec, presume thats sigmatel!


I would like to have a pretty much full functioning laptop, so things like wireless, usb, sound, graphics, cd drive, ethernet all work properly, is it possible to have all those running smoothly after install, or with extra patches?


Few more quick question:

1. Will any of these versions come with ilife?

2. Also will gestures on macbook like two finger scrolling, work for me?

3. will the trackpad and keyboard work properly?

4. Would the battery and fan etc.. work properly and automatically?


Also can anybody give me an idea of how quick mac would be with that spec?


Any help on these questions would be greatly appreaciated!

Big thanks to everyone at the os x 86 project aswell!

Role on mac os x :P



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