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iAtkos 10.5.4 & ATI X1800 - QE enabled - black menus


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Hi all


Its been a while since I did anything regarding the OSx86 project...and I seem to have forgotten most of what I knew :D


Back at the end of last year I was using iAtkos v1.0r2 to install OSX on my PC. Everything apart from the QE/CI worked from the install with no other changes.

After playing around a bit with the kext's I managed to enable QE/CI - but I can not for the life of me remember exactly what I did to get it working.


I bought a Macbook in February and after that I didn't see the point in using OSx86 on my main desktop PC since I'd be using the Macbook.


However, recently I downloaded iAtkos version 4 (with 10.5.4) and figured I'd install that. Again everything installed fine apart from having QE/CI support.


Now, looking at the kexts again I think I've identified the 2 that I changed previously (ATIRadeonX1000 & ATIRadeonX1000GA.plugin) - where I enter my device ID etc. in the strings.

Then I remove the Extensions.mkext and reboot.


However, whilst QE/CI then seems to be enabled, I get all right click etc. menus appearing in black (so that I can't see the options).


Does anyone else have a similar issue?

I did a search on the forums, but couldn't find anyone else reporting the same issue (could be me not searching the correct terms!).




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