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RapidWeaver - Change Sourcecode and Theme


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at first please excuse my English - it's only school and it English :)

Ok, now to my topic:

I'm using RapidWeaver to make a simple Homepage, because I'm very bad in HTML, PHP, Java and CSS - and I don't really want to learn this ^^.

But I can do little things like make hyperlinks in the source code.

Now I have a theme for RapidWeaver wich is a standard theme of RW.

I need to change the source code and the css styles, becaus I want other colours and another headline image.

The theme only allows two colours (blue and pink) and only normal text at the header.

How can I edit the theme?

When I go to the source code tab, than I can't edit ist. I only can mark the text.

When I edit something with Dreamweaver and later with RW, than are the changes I did with Dreamweaver overwrited.


The theme I've useing is very good.

When I make a page with Photoshop, than I only can set the menu at the top, but I want the menu at the right or left site.

RapidWeaver can do this and it look very pretty.

Please help me! ^^




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