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Leopard on nForce 430 & ATi X800


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Hello people,...  ;)


This is my first post on this forum, but i'm watching it for year or so. My ambition is to skip 6th generation of windows (Vista) and to change my current OS - Windows XP. The question is, can I do that transformation? My current rig is:




MBO: ABIT NF-M2 nView 

CPU: Athlon X2 3600+ 

RAM: Kingmax DDR2 2GB 800MHz

GPU: Radeon X800

LCD: Samsung 205BW

HDD#0: Hitachi 80GB //sata2// (just for OSX)

DVD RAM: NEC ND 4550 //pata//

DVD ROM: Teac DV-516E //pata//

Sound: Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital



Is there any chance to install leopard on my configuration? And if is possible would everything work just fine? All accelerations and everything? Sorry for noobsih question, but this is my first time dealing with apple software... I need just a little attention and help.


Many many many thanks  :)






p.s.: i've been trying to install OSX 10.5.2 last night, but im geting "still wait for root device" msg.? ...


Im gonna try later with few commands like: 


0) -x -v platform=X86PC / ACPI.

1) platform=X86PC

2) -v

3) -x -v

4) -f -v



It must work :)

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I manage to install OS X 10.5.2 Kallway on my hard drive. But I can't boot it ... What seems to be the problem? I think the troublemaker is X800 ... I didn't find any drivers on DVD? Did someone successfully install OSX with X800 "on-board"? Can somebody help me please? 

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