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Will It Install: Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC


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HI everyone, after the Apple event this September, I got very mad for not seeing a MacTouch™ so I did what I;m very good at. Making myself feel better.

So I got myself a DELL Latitude XT Tablet pc.


There's only one problem besides the fact that it looks like an IBM lap{censored}. It runs Windows Vista. Duh! I knew that.. but that's where this amazing x86 community comes in to help me out right? ;)



Well lets make the magic happen, as my goal is to install Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.x on it.


Here is the video of me happily unboxing it. Just to find out that The XT actually uses an external DVD/CD Drive.. However still remains in thickness. Well Some companies just don't get it right.


Anywho, any help will HELP!


Thank YOU!



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