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Help - XP won't detect my 7300GT


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I have an socket 775 MSI mobo with a 915P/915G chipset (and IHC6)

I've been using the onboard 915 graphics, but now want to upgrade to a 7300GT (pcie) so that I can install Leopard


I'm running XP SP1 at the moment


Thing is the motherboard won't detect the 7300 card. I can plug my monitor into it and get a picture, but my system (device manger) shows that there is no graphics adapter present. I attempted to install the supplied nvidia drivers which also say the hardware is not present


Device manager also shows a problem now with 915G PCI Express Root Port, it says there are not enough resources for it


Things I've done-


1) Uninstalled the 915 graphics in device manager

2) Disabled onboard graphics in BIOS


What else can I do?



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I can't install any nvidia drivers because they don't think there's any nvidia card present in the system! The installation just stops at that point


Device manager doesn't show a graphics adapter at all


The monitor is actually plugged into the 7300GT and I have a picture through it,but the system doesn't detect that there is any new hardware there

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