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Saying "hi!" and some questions


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Hello there!


My name is Alvaro and I'm from Chile (so, sorry if my english sucks some times :()


Some years ago I worked on a G3 on my job. I'm not a designer, but the marketing company I was working had just Macs. I loved how it worked, but I was a PC user. I tried to buy several times a Mac but it's a little expensive here in Chile (about 4 or even 5 times the cost of a similar PC).


So, 1 or 2 years ago I bought this new PC (listed on my signature) and now I'm soooo bored about windows that I would like to install Mac OS X on my PC. I have a friend who owns a software company in my country, and he sells Mac OS X, but I would like to know first some things:


1.- I just downloaded a version of Kalyway 10.5.2 to test it on my PC. I think it will run on it, since it's a Gigabyte motherboard and a Core 2 Duo processor.

2.-I would like to know if games for Mac run on this OS. I don't know how it works, if it works like an emulator of Mac OS X or if it is the OS itself.

3.-My friend can sell to me Leopard at a very good price, since my birthday was some days ago and he HAVE TO GIVE ME A GIFT! :D . I would like to know if it will work and how to install it , since it will not be the twiked version, but the original.

4.- I would like to know also if it can be installed on a RAID0 partition. My idea is to have just MAC OS X on my PC.


I'm not playing games for windows since 2 months, and the next game I will play will be Diablo 3. I know it will have a Mac version since Blizzard always have a Mac and PC version for their games. So, it will be important to know if it will work on my new hackintosh.


Well, that's all. Sorry for my long first post and thanks for the site, I was reading all the morning :P


Alvaro, from Chile!

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1.i should run OK but get all the information about the board first

2.they release games for Mac Like gta san andreas you CANT run windows on a mac without virtuallation and not everything works

3.You can use Boot-132 it will be like a real mac if you use a real leo disc

4.yes you can use raid0

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