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HELP! My Fan refuses to slow down!

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Hello. I'm not a total noob when it comes to OSX86 but I do lack knowledge in some areas.


I have got Leo4Allv4.1 running off the internal SATA (MCP67/nForce560m) on my Compaq V6630em. The processor is a Turion X2 TL-58 (1.9 Ghz).


Aside from Graphics and a fully functional processor, I am in love with my Hackbook.


When I boot into the Mac environment, my fan on the CPU is at full blast 24/7 and no power profiles seem to fix this. It kills the battery and is quite irritating because it is loud.


I think I need some kind of Kernel? I'm not sure :S *noob alert*


Any advice would be heavily appreciated.

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