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Boot-132 Install options... which option...


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Hey guys, I've got a BadAxe2 ( D975XBX2 KR ).


I currently have an old version of Kalyway installed.

I've been getting a bunch of kernal panics lately, checked the ram etc.



So, I'm trying to figure what the most stable installation is (ie no SUID errors, mimimize kernal panic risks etc) I'm using my system primarily for CS3 and FCP.


Here are two situations for the new install.


Both using the New Retail 10.5.4 disc, and boot-132.


Situation 1:

Install with CD-BOOT, install Chameleon EFI, and inject EFI strings for audio, graphics, and ethernet.


Burn Boot-132 iso with DMOS.ktext (Link Kisses)

Install Leopard

reboot /w boot ISO



Open OSXTOOLS and install Chameleon

replace Chameleon boot file /w dfe boot file (from iso)

eject cd






Add Graphics (7600GT),

Ethernet (Do I have to add this?)

Audio (STAC9274D, apparently the efi inject strings are working now).


Situation 2:

Install with CD-BOOT and use "Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk" with ktexts for audio and graphics in extras.


Burn Boot-132 iso with DMOS.ktext (Link Kisses)

Install Leopard

reboot /w boot ISO


install "Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk"


for audio, use the STAC9274D codec dump with Taruga's AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16,

for video install nvinject.


then drag nvinject.ktext to the extras folder for Chameleon-DFE and the audio Ktexts (what are they?), to the extras folder.


Reboot and finish.

What sounds like a better option? What patched audio ktexts should I move from extensions to extras? and Also, do I need to include any other ktexts in the extras for besides dmos.ktext (maybe smbios?)


When I've finished, I'll re-write a tutorial /w the required files...

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