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Composite Video to S-Video


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Lets say you have a computer with an S-Video port. Now lets say you have a TV from 2005. Chances are, if the TV had an S-Video port on it, if you used an S-Video cable to the TV to Laptop, the laptop wouldn't see it.



- If wires touch that aren't supposed to, bad things could happen. I had wires touch but nothing happened to me or the computer but it could vary.

- This has not been tested on OS X. If OS X can see that you have an S-Video port, then this should work (I guess?).


This guide will teach you how to make a cable that you can use to hook your computer to your TV (S-Video to Composite)


Examples of what each look like


Chances are you will either have either a 4 pin or 7 pin layout on the s-video port on your computer.


If you have the 7-pin, treat it like a 4 pin like so:



This is how the pins are layout:



So now you need some wires. It is preferred you use an old USB cord. If you don't have one, you need 4 spare wires about the length from your computer to TV. Make the wires look like so:


(leave 4 wires at 1 end, tie 2 pairs of wires so it goes from 4 wires to 2 wires)


Now for the fun part. Turn your computer off for this unless you have steady hands or don't care if a wire touches and has a chance to kill the computer. Make the wires look like so:



- Twist the 4 wires so that they are not split and stuff (make each one neat looking)

- Stick each wire inside a hole in your s-video port (make sure wires are around 1 inch or so)

- Make sure no wires are touching before turning on your machine


Once you have done that, I guess just go set the TV up. I never did this on OS X so I wouldn't know.



- If you can find an old S-video cable and an old composite video/audio cable, and find out what wires go where, it would make the process a lot neater and less risky (so bare wires won't be hanging so close near 1 another and stuff)

- If you roll up a tiny peice of tape, you can stick it inside the composite video port to make the wire touch the connection easier

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