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creating diskimages / backups of an install?


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alright! i made it to 10.5.4, then got the CHUD.pkg installed, and finally the updated drivers/fixes -- thanks to pcwiz's p35-ds3x guide!


before i brave the graphics kext for an evga geforce 8800gt 512gb (this messed me up once before...) i want to make a backup/diskimage of the present install. i have some additional hard drives which i can use. should i use something like carbon copy? or the diskutil that comes with the osx install cd/in osx? i see a couple options and i just want the easiest, most fail safe way to save my progress to this point -- before installing graphics kext* -- since it has been 2 days working on this...




*also any suggestions on 8800gt installation would be awesome. i was looking at this thread, and it seems like some say use efi studio. but it also says use efi v8. that won't mess up the chameleon will it?

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