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Finally! M61PME-S2


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After weeks of sleepless nights and hacking dreams of forcedeth and forcedeth-nockd seems that this one finally works! :D


I have a Gigabyte M61PME-S2 mobo with integrated lan, running Zephyroth's 10.5.2 with 9.2.0 kernel. All the other kexts gave me either freeze or panic, at best, after downloading some mega bytes. This one gives me neither.


I did need to turn off the ChecksumReceive/Transmit options in the Info.plist file but that's it.


Thanks a million.

Bless you and good night :)

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Hi there. I'm just a newb here. I can get my MCP61 works on my M61PME-S2. I dunno how stable it is but it just work fine for me.


Well originally I found this helpful tutorial


Then thanks to eno, I can get the proper driver here.



I did it with some adjustment:


1. Download the attached driver i found there : 0.64.0 (Tiger/Leopard: i386) nForceLAN_10.4_5.kext.zip

2. Extract the .zip file on my desktop

3. Open the Terminal application and type "tail -f /var/log/system.log" to obtain debugging output.

4. Open a new Terminal window. In this new window, I type "cd ~/Desktop" and these following command.

5. sudo chown -R root:wheel nForceLAN.kext

6. sudo chmod -R 755 nForceLAN.kext

7. sudo kextload -v nForceLAN.kext

At this point the system detected my Ethernet. Follow the instruction typically. Don't worry, you can adjust the setting later.

8. To install the driver, type "sudo cp -R nForceLAN.kext /System/Library/Extensions"

9. Lastly, update the extensions cache with "sudo kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions"

10. Finally, I set the IP based on the DSL Modem. Voila! I can browse insanelymac.com from my MAC. :thanks_speechbubble:

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