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HDD not mounted when installing


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I decided to try and install Leopard on my Acer 5102 Wlmi, using a Zephyroth Leopard-10.5.2-AMD-EFI image. The installer boots, and gets to the part of selecting a partition to install the OS. The problem is, nothing shows up!

I booted with and without my iPod connected, but the OS can't even mount the iPod or the HD. From what I read during boot (using -v), it looks like the installer doesn't have the necessary permissions for making changes to the disk, although it says "writable: yes" when I open them in Disk Utility.

I checked the permissions in /dev, and all of them are either root:operator or root:wheel. Changing between these two didn't change anything.

The error in the attached screenshot appeared after I tried to format the partition I had separated for Mac OS X. If I try to format it to MS-DOS (FAT-32), it says it's done formatting, but doesn't change anything; if I choose the other filesystems, this error shows up.

The HD in this laptop is a Hitachi-something (PATA), 120Gb.

Any ideas?



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