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iTunes 8.0


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Hello. I am in need of some help and I was directed here.

I downloaded iTunes 8.0, and unfortunately I have OS X 10.3.9. I decided to try and find a way around this. I opened the .dmg and looked into the package contents, and I found a file called InstallationCheck which I realize I need to delete in order for it to install without checking my OS, therefore proceeding to install iTunes onto my computer. However I tried to delete it and got a message telling me that I haven't got sufficient access privelages, even though I am logged in as the admin. So I clicked on File info and tried changing the file permissions, but it finds an 'unexpected error', one which I'm sure Apple expected and counted on in order for me to by a new operating system. My question is, does anybody know how to change the access permissions, or of another way to install iTunes 8.0 on 10.3.9? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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