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Iatkos Problems


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Hello all,


I have been trying every version of the os86x releases that i can find. All of which give me the same problems. Im running an HP Pavillion dv6000, and from the what i see on youtube, the installation should run fine since others that have the same laptop as me have it working on theirs. I have shrunk my hard drive to make a new partition for the mac leopard install, i have downloaded iatkos version 1, and 3. I've downloaded kalyways version 10.5.1 for intel/amd and i still get this error. "primary master disk identify error" "no disk to use XDMA not loaded" the darwin boot loader doesnt even start. I have no idea where to go from here and if anyone can help me please do so. I've followed every websites instruction up to where i am in the installation process and im still not able to get past this error. thanks for all your help



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