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I cannot install nor uninstall a program! (SPSS)


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Hello! I have a problem that some MacOS expert may solve...

Recently I was forced to restore a Time Machine backup, but after the process I discovered that some apps were missing. They were in the app folder covered with a ban sign, and from those with folders inside the app one, only remained the empty folder!

I have reinstalled most of them, but when trying to do the same with SPSS (a statistical package, that had a folder inside the app one) the installer programm (Windows tye) says that "the SPSS version is already installed in the computer, uninstall before". But there is nothing to uninstall or even an uninstaller available!


It is very clear that there should be some "registry" of the app in the system, but I have looked into app support, between plist files... only could erase a .spss hidden file and some plists with a name related to SPSS.


Where should I look for?

Many thanks in advance!

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