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HP Business Notebooks - THE THREAD

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I've seen a few threads here and there on getting OSX86 working on HP Business Notebooks but no one thread for data compilation. This is HP Business notebooks ONLY, not HP Consumer or any other brand of notebooks.


Common Trend for 6510p and 8710p/w:

CD to install with: I use Kalyway's 10.5.2. JaS is a great guy, but his 10.5.4 CD doesn't support HP's keyboards/trackpad on boot, so it's pretty useless unless you plug in an external USB mouse/keyboard and hack away at it.

Sound: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=75313# - The 1981 Audio driver fix needs to be installed to enable Audio. Afterwards, speaker output works, as does volume control, but not mike in, stereo sound out, etc.

Wireless: Intel wireless won't work. Buy a Broadcomm 4311 card from HP or off eBay and wireless support is there with the broadcomm drivers.

Video: ONLY x3100 (UMA) on the 6510p, X1600M, and X3600M work. Use either Diabolik's NVKush and OpenGL files here - http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/ - Oddly enough, installing nVinject, Natit, or NVKush also enables the GMA X3100 to work with full QE/CI, just as the X1600 and X3600 do.

Other stuff: USB works, Firewire works. Video/Audio Out don't. Haven't gotten Power Management working.


X1600/X3600M graphics are sometimes REALLY slow, even with CI/QE. Don't know why. Sometimes they're fast, other times not. And everything mentioned above.

BOOT TIME: These systems take from 5-8 minutes to fully boot OS X.

Things I'd like to figure out: Why're Quadro Graphics pokey? Any way to enable external ports? Boot time?


Post your responses if you have anything to add. :censored2:

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Thanks for the post above!  Really helped out getting audio to work on my 8710p.  How did you get the PCMCIA card to work on your HPs?  I've got a Linksys WPC54G (bcm43xx), and have already applied the bcm43xx wireless driver.  However, Kalyway doesn't seem to find the PCMCIA device by default, so no PCMCIA cards will work.  


Would appreciate any help!

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