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iBook 1,33 GHz 512 - 10.4 or 10.5?

Michu Neo

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Hey everyone.

I was looking for some notebook for studies. Of course I couldn't afford new MacBook so I though I will buy MSI Wind and hackintosh it. But all this sleep problems, degraded performance, bad battery... And suddenly I found really nice, used iBook. It costed similar to MSI, so I instantly decided to buy it and I must say I'm really happy to get a real Mac, even used one :D

I did it because I need laptop to some writing and browsing the internet, I don't need any Photoshop stuff (I got PC for that). So I think it was good decision.

But here's my question: Should I install Leopard or Tiger in it? I have to admit that I'm already addicted to 10.5... And my ibook is much faster than minimal Leopard settings... But I'm asking how it works in a real life :)

So... May I install 10.5 on iBook G4 1,33GHz, 512 RAM, ATI9550 32 MB and 40HDD, when most used applications will be Firefox, OpenOffice(Aqua) and iTunes? Will it work enough fast for non-stress work? :) Or should I forget instantly and install 10.4?


I post it in 10.4 section, because you guys know Tiger better than this Leopard teenagers :D


Thanks for any help!

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