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No sound.

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Well I am using a 5.1 PCI Audio Card Speedlink SL-8865

I don't know what drivers i need please someone help me.

oh, btw there is and one board sound card 5.1. Motherboard model drivers intel D946GZIS. i cant find drivers for the onboard too.

if you can help me to get sound only with the onboard sound card please do it. It is better.

Thanks. I am sorry if my english is horrible.

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Oke watch and learn

if you even took like 5 minutus of your time to even look how osx is installed

you would know that all sound hardware is basicly the same, and the only thing we are

interested in is the chipset on the sound board. with that you can find a driver for your board


you have google right ?



type in your card name and hit enter

if you took the time you would have found out

your card has a C-Media CMI8738 chip set oke kinda

iknow its hard lets try that again for your mobo dont be scared to use it

type in intel D946GZIS enter

poef your mobo has a SigmaTel STAC9227 chip


now that took like how mutch time? you could have done that your self or are you .....


now go back to google type in insanelymac 9227

or next time go to the genius bar guide section installation manuals to the sticky sound problems DUHHH

befor asking here



when your done with the link above you will end up here



good luck to you

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