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15" monitor startup OK with GMA950; 17" stops at blue screen


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I'm facing a weird problem. Installed Kalyway 10.5.2 + Combo Update to 10.5.3 + Apple Software Updates to 10.5.4 in a IBM Lenovo A52. It's a Pentium IV with only one core running at 3 GHz, not the latest hardware but works well with 4GB of RAM.


The graphics card is the integrated Intel GMA950 that bundled with the 82945G chipset. I've installed the necessary kexts and now is running smoothly with no artifact issues and with QE/CI enabled. It reports 0x2772 as the device ID and 0x0002 as the revision.


Yes, everything works fine... if I use a 15" LCD monitor at 1024x768.


If I change the monitor to a Lenovo L171, a 17" with 1280x1024 panel resolution, I'm getting stucked at the blue screen that appears while booting just before the Finder.


As a clue, it seems hanged, but if I unplug the 17" and hot swap it for the 15", the systems goes on and enter the finder with no problem at all.


Any ideas? I'm really confused; it seems a video issue but can't imagine which one.

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