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Dual boot xp and leopard on 2 sata drives on badaxe 2?

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Hey guys i got 2 sata drives plugged into my intel badaxe 2 motherboard. I'm trying to get a dual boot of xp and leopard on separate drives. Osx on guid and xp on MBR




I've tried installing xp first on first drive then osx on 2nd then tried adding chain0 (didn't work) then boot0.gpt (didn't work).


I've tried it with xp installed first on 2nd drive and osx on first, that didn't work.


I've tried it with installing osx first on first drive and xp on 2nd and vice versa.


I noticed that after installing osx i always needed to go into single user mode "-s" and activating the partition to get it to boot, or boot with cd and installing chameleon. That usually got it boot without the cd, but never got leopard under xp's bootloader to boot into leopard. With chain0 i'd get a chain boot error. with boot0.gpt i would get b0 error.


I've tried all this with sata in ide and ahci mode. and i get the same result. cept in ahci mode when i wanted to setup the disk with disk utility, the drive were yellow.


So if anyone can help i'd realy appreciate it.

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