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Managing your iTunes (8) library


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Good day insanelymac, I come bearing a query!


I would like to know how all and any of you deal with problems in the (but not limited to) iTunes library.

Ever since iTunes 8 was released, I was overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities of sorting your library! They even added a sub-sort (sorting within a sort, as it were)!


Now, there are some things I feel... Confused about.

I would like your input, not answers per se, input is greatly appreciated.

  • "Loose" / Single Songs

How do you manage single songs in your library? My personal solution to this, is to make every one of my albums a Compilation. After this, I made a Smart Playlist that lists only Albums. A big plus is that my iPod has a feature to list compilations. A big downside is, that my iPod won't list those same items in my "Music" menu.

  • Genres

Seriously people. A) I have no clue what Genre the music I like is without looking it up. Looking it up takes a LOT of time. And even then, opinion of what genre something is, differs greatly. :) Changing the genre of single songs is gonna take ages.

  • Sound Tracks

This is more or less point 2.5. This is hard to explain, so allow me to use an example: I have the whole soundtrack of YTMND, 1 to 17. Every volume has greatly differing songs. Do I leave the genre up to the album, or up to the individual track?


This is all I have at the moment, and any response at any of the points is greatly appreciated. That, and I'm interested in your point of view on music libraries. :wacko:

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