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To those with DG965SS Motherboards


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Dear DG965SS Motherboard owners,


I have finally found the secret to getting OSx86 up and running on our rigs. It requires a little bit of work and tweaking, but it does work. First and foremost here are my specs:


Motherboard: DG965SS (obviously, :) )


Video: ATI 3650 HD PCIe Card. (the board is GMA X3000, i still need to confirm if onboard vid works)

HD: I have two HDs running through SATA

DVD: HP DVD-writer guy running through IDE

Network: THE ONBOARD ETHERNET WILL NOT WORK AT ALL (remember that and go buy the dynex dx-e102 from Best Buy, it work OOB)


Ok, now that you know that the ethernet doesn't work at all you should also know that sound is bust too. However, there is a rumored file, STAC9227_0x83847618Installer.app, that will get that running. If you happen to find that file, please let me know, i need it too. The board runs Sigmatel STAC9227 so that looks about right. =P


Moving on. Download yourself Leo4All v3 10.5.2! That is our selection of choice. I couldn't get Kalyway to boot past the apple logo (it could have been a bad dvd, but I don't think) and the new JaS 10.5.4 (While im sure it rules) won't boot at all. Leo4All v3 though I can swear by.


Once you have downloaded that, go ahead and burn it at the slowest speed possible to a dvd. Reboot your compy and then boot from that cd. Hit enter at the prompt.


Once it loads (it does take quite a while) you will see the lovely waves as the desktop and the installer! Choose your language of choice and then let the installer load. After it loads don't go any further. Use the Disk Utility (it's in the toolbar at the top) to reformat the drive that you are installing this to as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). I used the security settings too to write 0s to everything to make sure it was all cleaned up real nice.


After that is done click through the installer, accept the agreement, choose the drive you are installing it on and then hold on. I know you are eyeing up that install button. Don't click it. Click on Customize first and then unselect the kernel they have on there and reselect vanilla 9.2.2. That so far has given me the most success. If you have anything else 3rd party that you want to install you can check if it's listed. I didn't find anything useful for the DG965SS on the list. So i recommend skipping it.


Go ahead and install...


If your computer was like mine, it froze at the "2 minutes remaining" area. Let your computer sit for a few minutes and then hard reset it. After you hard reset just let it boot the cd and then don't touch anything. It should boot straight into 10.5.2 leopard on its own.


After you are in, you may choose to stay with 10.5.2 or you can do what I did and upgrade.


If you take that route, find the JaS 10.5.3 combo update, download, and install. Mine installed fine without even needing to reboot.


From there you can use Apple's software update to update to 10.5.4.


You are on your own if you have a Video Card other than the onboard one (which I will try to confirm if it works tonight). I can tell you that you may have some headaches with the ATI 3650 HD PCIe card. It installed perfectly fine in 10.5.2 for me and I could even get my monitor up to 1920x1200. However I can't get it to work in 10.5.3 or 10.5.4 yet. I'll come back and post more information on that when I get the chance to really dig into it.


I hope that helps out a few lost souls. I know it'll help out on the Google side of things.

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Some more stuff related to the DG965SS:


JaS 10.5.4 - If you purchase yourself a USB DVD-Drive (I found a $60 one at Circuit City) you can successfully install the JaS 10.5.4 dvd to your computer. However.... I have failed to get it to boot properly. Which is really sad. I'm opening this thread now as a "Let's get JaS 10.5.4 to work on the DG965SS." The 10.5.2 with Leo4All the stepping up to 10.5.4 DOES WORK, but I would like to get JaS working straight up.


So here we go. Here is the issue that I have...


After a successful install of JaS 10.5.4 (Custom install options below) I boot my computer, it goes to the apple logo, turns the screen blue, then hangs on the gray screen AFTER the blue one with my cursor fully working. So first, here is what I'm installing:


Obviously JaS 10.5.4 sse3


ATI Radeon 3650 HD


...that's it. If I do a clean install without anything but the StageXNU Kernel it just throws the same junk (the screen repeated about a zillion times really small). Why it hangs there, I'm not sure. Here is the second problem. I can only boot off the cd, the MBR won't pick up on my drive and boot from it so I have to use the DVD, so -v is out of the option as it will only boot my DVD. =(


Any suggestions folks?

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