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Yet another Belkin 54G F5D7050B V3 Query


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I've tried every driver...tool...hack and it still wont even let me configure it....it finds it but doesnt display anything about it! Only this:


Software Profiler:

Belkin 54G USB Network Adapter:

Version 0.01

bus power 500

up to 480MB/s (lol?)

Manufactuer : Belkin

PRoduct ID 0x705a

Vendor ID 0x050d


It is running on Kalyway 10.5.2 INTEL AMD




I've tried every Railink and Belkin Provided driver but its either not working or under dated!


Someone please get me out of this trap!


Btw i'm a complete noob at mac...Though i hacked into a company one through terminal before...


I've also tried my Intel Chipset network adapter in my GIGABYTE Mobo..


but, it doesnt even WANT to find it!

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