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OK my problems are: Iv set a pass on my account (in leopard) but i typed it wrong so i dont know it anymore WHAT TO DO?!?!? Our friend's from apple say: Put the INstall DVD in your apple and click on Password Recovery but i cant do this whit the ToH RC2 Disc of leopard...

Second problem: My sound drivers arent installed How can i change this? 3rd question: How can i update to Version 10.5.2/3/4? and my last question: My menu bar isnt trans. WHAT TO DO?!?!?

And another question: I have a Mac OSX iMac MAC OSX Leopard install disc with some info on it can i use this to update?


And i cant startup WITHOUT the Leopard install disc WHAT TO DO?


Pleas help me... i have an PC With a GForce 7600GS and a sound card of realtec (dont know it specific) and a Intel Penitum 4, but Leopard is working great :angel:







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