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Mouse and keyboard aern't working !


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Hey !


After many times i tried to install OSX86 (and every time i failed ), today i'm trying on my new PC :


MB : Asus P5N-D

CPU : Intel Q9300 @ 2.75 Ghz

CG : Point of View 9800GTX+

Mem : 3 GB 533 mhz

HDD : 320 GB


I just downloaded Leo4all v3 (10.5.2) and when i booted, i got some errors with the HDD (error mounting or something). But it worked, and i got a beautiful grey screen :angel: and my mouse wasn't working.

I tried again but without my mouse, my speakers and the ethernet cable. (only the keyboard).


After this : i got the green screen again but only for a little while and then : i got the menu to choose my language ! :ninja:


.. But my keyboard wasn't working and my mouse (i think she was the problem itselfs : it's a Logitech MX1000) wasn't plugged.


So, how can i use my keyboard and my mouse ?


thanks !

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