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Which is the best iatkos version?


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Hi, I have a PC with the specifications below:


Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.53 Ghz,


1GB Ram,


Both Windows Vista and Windows XP


Logitech Keyboard,


Logitech Mouse.


Which of version of iatkos would run well in my computer? please help!! Also state which is better Kalyway, iatkos or leo4all!! I dont any type of hacking n all!! ;)  


Also I need to dual boot with Leopard and Windows with any part of my HD getting lost!!

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All three distributions you mention are great.


Personally I prefer Kalyway but that's just because I've gotten used to it now.

There's a 10.5.2 DVD out which you can install from and then it's easy to upgrade to 10.5.4.


leo4all and iATKOS are both out in 10.5.4 versions already.


Search the forum, there are many multiboot guides around.

Use this to search: http://######.com/osx86search/

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