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Kalyway 10.5.1 Installation Problem


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Hey all

this is my first post in the mac scene

i jus picked up this laptop from a friend and noticed that it was mac compatible


i installed 10.4.8 on it without any problems except for the audio,network and other stuff which i can install on my own with kext.


but when i try to install leopard (either through a clean install or even a upgrade from 10.4.8) it loads up

plays the welcome video

and then asks for my country and keyboard layout

then it asks for me to transfer my information from another mac and i chose to do it later and it hangs for a little bit and then the welcome video replays and it starts all over



i have an acer aspire 3680

celeron m 440 @ 1.86ghz

intel gma 950

80gb hdd

512 ddr2



can anyone help me out in finding out whats wrong

i would really like to test out the mac software on my computer before i buy the new macbook pros that come out so i can be familiar with it

so excited for the new pros...the rumors are all over the place!!!



thank you and this site is amazing!!!!!

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