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Help with P5N32-SLI Premium MB


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I have the P5N32-SLI Premium MB which has the nForce 590 Chip...


My DVD Drive is a SATA drive...


also, i have 2 80gb HD's running in Raid 0 (stripping)... I don't mind getting rid of the raid if I have to...


Question #1: can I install Leopard on the RAID?

Question #2: Is there an ISO (Patched dvd) that works on the nforce 590 chipset?


As of Now, I can't get passed the loading screen... it just hangs there... when I try it with using the -v command... it just stays on the "Waiting for root device" over and over... (i've left it for a good 30 mins with nothing new coming out).


Has anyone been able to get passed the "Waiting for Root Device" error on an nforce590? If so, how?


Last, Question #3: If I connect an IDE Hard drive to my MB will that get rid of the "waiting for root device" error and load/install with the IDE Hard Drive?

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