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Please tell me if I have this right. Urgent!


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OK, My hardware is:


AMD 3200+


XFX 8600GT

1 GIG Memory

Sound MAX intergrated Digital HD Audio

1 160GB Hardrive (Internal) Windows XP on it.

1 Seagate 120GB USB (External) Want to put OS X on it.





Alright let me go step-by-step to the point I am at now:


1st.) I Burnt the Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd DVD.

2nd.) I installed Acronis OS Selector in Windows XP.

3rd.) I restarted my computer with Kalyway in the drive, Booted Kalyway.

4th.) I formated my USB External Hardrive to Mac Journaled from Disk Utility.

5th.) I selected certain customized options for my computer. (Can someone tell me which ones I should need for my config?)

6th.) I selected my USB External Hardrive from the list, Started the install.

7th.) Install completes, asks to reboot. I reboot

8th.) I select Unknown Operatating System from the list in Acronis. (It's OSX. I rename it to OSX afterwords)



Now that's where I get an H with a blinking cursor. I can't boot it after installing.


It looks like: H _


Did I do something in the wrong order?


If anyone needs any more info I'll post it right away! My Mac computer broke on me and I had to order a Mac Mini just to get by for now, and it's still being delivered. I need OS X for my work to design magazines.

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