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OSX 10.5.4 download speed problems


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I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice please?


I have recently bought a MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz 200GB HD running 10.5.4. All's well, but my download speed to the MacBook Pro is terrible. I'm running a Netgear router which happily serves an XP laptop and a Mac G4 Powerbook (10.3.9) on occassion with no problems. I ran several speed tests between the MacBook Pro and the Powerbook today and the Powerbook was running about 4x as fast for downloads compared to the MacBook Pro! At around 7pm (I realise its peak time) the MacBook Pro's best download speed was 400k, while a few minutes later the Powerbook was downloading at 2Mb. The router's telling me its at just under a 6Mb connection to the internet via Virgin ADSL. My bundle is 8Meg, but the max I ever get due to the line in from BT is 6Meg.


Does anyone have any advice on why the MacBook Pro is performing so poorly compared to an older mac laptop on the same wireless network?


Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!

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