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Nvidia Geforce 8800GT G92 Performance!


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This is really bothering me now my performance of my G92 8800GT is quite poor it constantly has small glitches, video framerate isn't at it's best and so on. I seen it's a little issue with the mac pro too at the moment but why? My X1900XT rad is better performance and it's much older! has anyone having issues with theirs? I've tried Natit, NVKush, GFX Strings (mine and efi studio) and even nvinject 0.2.0. nvinject gives me wrong vram size i can't even use 0.2.1 but i don't care everything else gives me qe/ci.

One thing to notice radeons are better with open gl i know this but surely it would be ok its a modern card... does anyone know of 10.5.5 fixing these bugs i will try get hold of kexts to test.


Thanks! :D

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