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Vaio Z1 Trackpad Problem


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Hi there.


Im a bit of a noob at hackintoshing. I have managed to sucessfully install OSX 10.4.11 on my Vaio Z1 laptop but having problems getting the trackpad working. I have tried most of the ApplePS2Controllers provided on this forum (i.e. ALPS glidepad, hacked PS2 etc and those provided in the genious bar). The keyboard is working perfect, its just the trackpad.


On start up, it comes with the following text: ALPS Glidepad 0.0


I have seen some1 else experience that problem but theres no solution that I can find.


As a note, I cant update to 10.5 as the internal wireless card (Inter 2100) only currently works with 10.4.


Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Also, if I am missing any information that will be useful, please let me know.

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